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3816 Laminating Machine
Date:2018-12-29 Views:

3816 Laminating Machine


3816 laminating machine

Technical Specification:

1.Infraed Temperature sensor is comfort for long time operation,the temperature error is controlled by 3 degree.

2.Inported big rubber roller is not easy to demage in thegigh temperature.

3.Patent of anti-rolling technology.It can be adjusted arbirary accroading to the different thickness of paper.

4.Pressure adjustment,suitable for all kinds of paper.

5.Intelligent and  humanized operaing system,it is easy to operate.

6.With take uo device for cold laminator.

7.With a cutting blade device.

Deatail Parameter:

Max. lamination width:380mm

Max. lamination speed:600-3000mm/min

Max. lamination temperture:180C

Max. clearance between top bottom rollers:6mm

Recommended film:25-250mic

The maximum diameter of roll film:200mm

Warm up time:about 10 minutes

Speed control:Manual

Auto removing film rewinding paper:no

Single-sided laminating function:yes

Double-sided laminating function:yes

With a perforating blade:yes

Auto paper feeding:yes



Heating roller dia:55mm

Pull roller dia:40mm

Temperature control:IR

Diameter of the core:1,1.5,3inch

Net weight:57kg

Gross weight:72kg

Machine size(L*W*H):650*850*510mm

Packing Dimension(L*W*H):730*710*570mm

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