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hotline:0086 18205810718

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Hangzhou Boray Industry Co,.ltd  is a professional manufacturer & exporter in China which is found in 2008.Our products include: glue binding machine,paper cutting machine ,laminating machine , creasing machine ,binding machine and other office and print equipment.

We have got a subsequent development by hard working following the principle of eternity innovation ,excellent quality and satisfied service with all the operations conducted according to the certification of CE ,ETL ,SAA ,CB and ISO9001 .

BORAY works to be proactive in meeting and exceeding our customers' need by continually embracing new technology and work parctices to develop our products rangs ;improve our services and develop ways in which consumers can acquire BORAY brand products .

BORAY now is the market leader with a broad portfolio of high quality products which are sold to America,Europe ,Russia ,South Africa and other countries .....BORAY is your assurance of innovation ,quality ,design &value.